Now I Accuse by Gary Beck

Now I Accuse Cover

As hope-filled dreams collide with cruel reality, some will rise above adversity, some will give under its weight, but most will find a place in between where they can more comfortably discover where they belong in this turbid world. Now I Accuse is a 150 page short story collection.

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Perceptions by Gary Beck

Perceptions Cover

Perceptions is a poetry collection that challenges many of our attitudes and values, showing us many of our concerns that grow more troubled in these difficult times. Disasters of our time come into immediate focus as they occur. We are shown again and again the catastrophic events of the day. It is the lingering effects that are seen from different viewpoints, and produce a sometimes volatile perception of our world. Gary Beck’s ability to capture events seen from unusual angles is on shining display in this brilliant new collection.

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Post-Urban Songs Cover

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Books and Shovels

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Post-Urban Songs

Post-Urban Songs cover

Post-Urban Songs is a collection of poems written between 1995 and 2010. This is a rhapsodic and psychedelic kind of poetry, which certainly does not deal with ordinary life and mainstream experience. This is an ensemble of voices roaring, fists clenching, eyes flashing and dilating, and even bodies twisting and metamorphosing.


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