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Post-Urban Songs

Post-Urban Songs cover

Post-Urban Songs is a collection of poems written between 1995 and 2010. This is a rhapsodic and psychedelic kind of poetry, which certainly does not deal with ordinary life and mainstream experience. This is an ensemble of voices roaring, fists clenching, eyes flashing and dilating, and even bodies twisting and metamorphosing.

Locust #3 (Vol 3) out very soon!

Locust #3 (Vol 3) featuring work by Austin McCarron, Christopher Barnes, Richard Jay Shelton, Ross Leese, Mitch Grabois, Holly Day, B.Z. Niditch, Jeff B. Willey, Jack Hill, and Bradford Middleton will come out on December 17, 2012!

Locust Vol 3 #2 out!

Locust #2 Vol 3 PDF Version

Locust #2 (Vol 3) is out today, featuring work by B. Z. Niditch, Christopher Barnes, Michael Cluff, Peycho Kanev, Amit Parmessur, Byron Beynon, Jeffrey Park, Austin McCarron, Amanda Reck, Brad Evans, Steve Danziger.

Issue 3 will be more socially conscious and, in a way, even politically committed, so please email work in keeping with that. Submissions for Locust #3 (Vol 3) will be open from May 15, 2012 till September 15, 2012.

Locust Vol 3 #2 out in early spring 2012

Locust Vol 3 #2 title variant

Locust Magazine submission consideration has been closed sooner than scheduled due to the great number of good submissions that have flooded in (and, consequently, have been accepted) in such a short time. We must thank all the poets and writers that consider Locust Magazine well worth entrusting their work to. Work will soon start on Locust #2 (Vol 3), and the new issue should be out by the end of March 2012 or, at the latest, early days of April. In the meantime, contributions will not be accepted, so please don't send any more work for consideration.


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