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Fish De Jour Cover

Alex Galper
Edited by Igor Satanovsky
(In Russian and English)
Koja Press
ISBN: 0-9707224-4-3
[Work Description]

This first collection of poetry from the emerging Russian New York poet Alex Galper is a seriously funny and poignant exploration of the paradoxes of the Russian-American bohemian mentality. Not for the politically correct. Includes English translations of all poems (by Magazinnik and Igor Satanovsky).

FISH DE JOUR is available at
Koja Press

Blankety Blank Cover

A Memoir of Vulgaria
D. Harlan Wilson
Raw Dog Screaming Press
[Work Description]

Rutger Van Trout has worse problems than his mundane existence in the all-consuming, all-suppressing Vulgaria of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It's not that his son might be turning into a werewolf, or that his daughter might be a nymphomaniac. The problem does not lie in his obsession with transforming his middle-class estate into a three-ring barnyard. He doesn't even mind his wife's (possibly) haunted skeleton or the freak-of-the-week superheroes and window-jumpers populating his neighborhood. The complication has invaded his community in the form of a new breed of serial killer named Mr. Blankety Blank, who stalks from house to house throughout the Vulgaria leaving a bloodbath that would make Jack the Ripper himself blush...

BLANKETY BLANK: A Memoir of Vulgaria is available at, Barnes & Noble, Raw Dog Screaming Press

Paperback: $14.95   Hardcover: $29.95


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