Locust Pamphlets soon available!

Locust Magazine will soon launch another online publication: LOCUST PAMPHLETS, ISSN 1947-2455.

The LOCUST PAMPHLETS series will be printed and sold in PDF format by This new publication will not be open to submissions, and will feature works of prose and poetry.

LOCUST PAMPHLETS No 1 will come out in May 2009. Please, take a look at Locust Pamphlets every now and then.

LM new look (version 10)

Version 10 of Locust Magazine is online. A slightly different look even though the global layout hasn't been changed. On the whole the site appears more austere and certainly more similar to its early days.

Locust Vol 2 #8: prose needs

If you are thinking of submitting prose for Locust Vol 2 #8, please remember that at the moment we are considering very short pieces, not exceeding 500 words. Sorry for that!


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