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Mahoney, Donal

Donal Mahoney has worked as an editor for The Chicago Sun-Times, Loyola University Press, McDonnell Douglas Corporation (now Boeing), and Washington University in St. Louis. He has had poems published in or accepted by many publications, like The Wisconsin Review, Revival (Ireland), The Kansas Quarterly, The Pembroke Magazine, The Chicago Sunday Tribune Magazine.

Maiti, Prasenjit

Prasenjit Maiti is Senior Lecturer in Political Science at Burdwan University, West Bengal, India. His print publication credits include many magazines, like 2River View, Green Queen, Harlequin, Monkey Kettle, Nightingale, Paper Wasp, Phoenix, Poetry Greece.

Marshall, John M.

John M. Marshall has received a number of awards from the North Carolina Poetry Society, including the North Carolina Poet Laureate Award in 1994. He has had poems published in several magazines around the US, including the FTD Bulletin, published by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Massengill, David

David Massengill lives in Seattle. His short stories and works of flash fiction have appeared in various literary journals, including The Raven Chronicles, Word Riot, 3A.M. Magazine, Eclectica Magazine, StringTown, Parva Sed Apta, Tonopah Review, and Swell, among others. You can visit him at his web site.

Mavrigianakis, Maria

Maria Mavrigianakis resides in Montreal, Canada, where she freelances as a graphic designer. She presents her poetry regularly at Spoken Word events like Wednesdays Child. Maria joined a writer's group called Invisible Cities, and her fist chapbook was published in 2003, where her digital art was also be included. She has poetry prose which appeared in the june/july edition of The Breath, and poetry published in canadiancreative.

McCarron, Austin

Austin McCarron is from New Zealand but has lived in the U.K. for many years. His work has appeared in various magazines such as Neon Highway, Decanto, Great Works, Message in a Bottle, French Connection Press and others.

McDonald, Walt

Walt McDonald was a pilot in the Air Force, taught at the Air Force Academy, and is Texas Poet Laureate for 2001. Some of his recent books are All Occasions (University of Notre Dame Press), Blessings the Body Gave and The Flying Dutchman (Ohio State), and others from Harper & Row, Massachusetts, and Pittsburgh. His poems have been in journals including APR, The Atlantic Monthly, London Review of Books, New York Review of Books, and Poetry.

McNerney, Joan

Joan McNerney has been included in numerous magazines, journals and anthologies in the United States. Four of her books have been published by fine literary presses. She has performed at many distinguished venues in New York City, Boston, San Antonio, Houston and the Hudson River Region. Several radio stations and cable television programs have recorded her work. Her latest title is Having Lunch With the Sky, A.P.D., Albany, New York.

Mead, Stephen

Stephen Mead lives in Albany, NY.


Mercyrain is a poet and writer from York, PA, whose poems have been published, or scheduled to be published, in journals like Green Egg, Atomic Petals, Steel Point Quarterly, Experimental Forest.

Middleton, Bradford

Bradford Middleton was born in south-east London in 1971 and spent the next thirty years trying to escape. He now lives in Brighton and has been trying to escape here since about 2008. He has won a few local competitions, has been published widely online and recently completed his debut novel Dive.

Mitchell, Jeff

No bio-sketch available.

Moorad, Adam

Adam Moorad's writing has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Underground Voices, Thieves Jargon, Storyglossia, and Pear Noir. He lives in Brooklyn, NY, and works in publishing. You can visit him at his blog.

Moreau, Denis

Denis Moreau lives in France, and he is preparing a doctorate on fantastic fiction and reflexivity.

Morris, Andrew N.

Andrew N. Morris lives in Sherman Oaks, CA, with his girlfriend of four years and his best friend of fifteen years. He writes, directs, co-writes, and co-directs short films, which can be watched here.

Mulrooney, Christopher

Christopher Mulrooney is a California writer whose poetry, fiction and translations have appeared in many magazines like Dead Mule, Nimrod, Del Sol Review, The Burning Bush, Renditions, Brooklyn Review. Mulrooney's website is at

Murtaugh, Michael

Michael Murtaugh has a B.A. in communication arts. He is currently a news reporter forPress Publication Newspapers, and writes stories and takes photographs for their group papers.

Murtaugh, Michael

Michael Murtaugh has a B.A. in communication arts. He is currently a news reporter for Press Publication Newspapers, and writes stories and takes photographs for their group papers.

Muslim, Kristine Ong

Kristine Ong Muslim's poems and stories have been published or are forthcoming in many places. These include The Pedestal Magazine, Poetry Midwest, T-Zero, and Right Hand Pointing. Her publication history can be found at

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