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Walls, Thabit Akil

After moving from central to the bay area California, poet Thabit Akil Walls completed an undergraduate degree at San Jose State University. Currently he is working towards a doctorate in clinical psychology. Writing prose poetry has been a way to reflect and express emotions influenced by everyday experiences and the interactions with modern life. Thabit is continually reminded how the experiences of life profoundly influence the past, present and future.

Walton, Jeremiah

Jeremiah Walton graduated from high school in spring 2013, and hit the road hitchhiking the following fall, hunting for open mics, slams, and creative communities. His goal is to widen the poetic community, particularly to the youth, and innovate with 21st century poets. He manages Nostrovia! Poetry, W.I.S.H. Publishing, The Traveling Poet, and is an editor for UndergroundBooks. You can read his travelogues and poems at Gatsby's Abandoned Children.

Watkins, Clifford K. Jr

Clifford K. Watkins Jr is a writer/poet/lyricist/rapper originally from High Point, North Carolina. Some of his publishing credits include: Underground Window, Endzville, Infinite Glass, Prism Quarterly, Cynic Magazine, Seeker Magazine, Oracular Tree, Poetic Voices, Ygdrasil, Forever Underground Magazine.

Wilbon, Jake

Jake Wilbon is the pen-name of Jesse Auchter, a poet whose work has also appeared in Concrete Wolf, Poethia, A Little Poetry and Thunder Sandwich. His poems are featured weekly on WAEC 860 AM in Atlanta, GA.

Willey, Jeff B.

Jeff B. Willey thinks that every moment in time already exists, believes that the metaphysical croissant is real, and likes to pretend that his bicycle is a horse. He thinks everything’s a big story, and despite the dark energy looking to rip our atoms apart we will remain stored as information on the outer surface of the universe. See more of his writings and art at

Williams, Joshua

Joshua Williams has been writing short fiction and poetry for four years, influenced largely by writers such as William Burroughs And Greg Hollingshead. Previous publishing credits include Pedastal Magazine, Born Magazine and Soma Lit Review.

Willis, Winston

Winston Willis is a college student, and has been writing poems for some years.

Wilson, D. Harlan

D. Harlan Wilson's fiction has appeared in a number of American, British and Australian magazines and anthologies. Most recently, for example, in Identity Theory, Jack Magazine, The Offbeat, The Café Irreal, 3AM Magazine. He has published two books, The Kafka Effekt and 4 Ellipses, and his third book, Strange on the Loose, will be out soon. Wilson lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. D. Harlan Wilson's official website is online at

Witherell, Carrie

No bio-sketch available.

Wolfe, J. Kevin

J. Kevin Wolfe lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has printed numerous articles and cartoons in Writer's Digest Magazine. His work appears here and there on the Web e.g. Bunkum E-Zine). He has also published an e-book, The Year of Purple Lawn Furniture, freely available online in various formats.

Wolfson, Wayne

Wayne Wolfson is a California-based author. His work has been published in many journals including Get Underground, 3AM Magazine, Happy. His new CD with Mars Syndicate, Midnight Latitudes (Con Troppo Records CT 551) is now available world wide. An updated list of where to find it is under the news section of his site

Woodman, Jay

Jay Woodman is a poet and artist. She lives in Hampshire, UK, and has published various poetry books, e.g. Count (Oasis, 1999). She was also the editor of Rustic Rub, a poetry and art print magazine, whose final issue appeared in May 1999.

Woodward, Sean

Sean Woodward is an English poet and artist. He is the editor of Living Poets, a poetry e-zine published on the WWW by Dragonheart Press, Derby, UK. He has also founded Planet Dada Studios, an art website group.

Writer-Davies, Gareth

Gareth Writer-Davies is a gardener living in Letchworth, UK. He has been widely published over the last couple of years in magazines such as White Whale Review, Fourteen, Global Tapestry Journal, Sarasvati. In 2012 he was shortlisted for the Erbacce Prize and the Geoff Stevens Memorial Prize.

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