No Spam on the Net!

If you don't want to help spammers, please remember:

  • NEVER EVER send e-mails around with a list of e-mail addresses in the TO field. It's impolite and dangerous. Just e-mail yourself and use the BCC field for all the other addresses, instead.

  • NEVER EVER give away your main e-mail address in places haunted by spammers like forums, chat-rooms, mailing-lists. Just use an alternative e-mail address, and close it down if a spammer gets interested in it.

  • NEVER EVER present an e-mail address on a web page without camouflaging it (e.g.: using AT instead of @).

  • NEVER EVER use the useless MAILTO feature on a web page. How many people write e-mail while visiting a web site? The fewer MAILTO words and @ signs on a web page the better!

If you ever get any spam, UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail) or UBE (Unsolicited Bulk E-mail),

  • NEVER EVER hit the Unsubscribe or Remove link or button, unless you want to inform the spammer that your e-mail address is a good one.

  • NEVER EVER complain to the e-mail address shown in the FROM field. All standard headers are always spoofed.

  • ALWAYS complain to the spammer's ISP.

    If you don't get much spam because your e-mail client's filters block it effectively, you shouldn't be content. Spam isn't just a disease that affects e-mail clients, but servers. Spam may very well choke the whole e-mail system. We must prevent spammers from sending junk mail altogether, and the only way to do that is to complain to their ISP's. However, we have to remember that ISP's are often innocent, and they are only used without them knowing it.

    To learn how to complain and for other tips, please visit
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