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Expectations Cover

Gary Beck
Rogue Scholars Press
ISBN: 978-0-9840982-0-0
[Work Description]

Expectations is a passionate exploration of people struggling to cope with a difficult, demanding life. Using a diversity of styles, Beck depicts the human condition in the challenging urban environment, as well as various other settings. There is a constant undercurrent of striving for more than we're given, or can accomplish. Yet the anguish of disappointed expectations pervades the extravagant hopes and simple day to day desires of individuals who aspired to something better. Several long poems push the envelop of individual experience in differing formats, from the lyric to harsh threnodic rhythms.

EXPECTATIONS is available at

Days of Destruction Cover

Gary Beck
Skive Magazine Press
[Work Description]

Days of Destruction is a journey through some of the modern horrors that assault our senses in the passionate search for better understanding of our tormented world. The poems explore volatile international issues, the outrages of social abuses and personal anguish, as part of the ongoing events that wear down our tolerance, compassion and will to resist injustice...

DAYS OF DESTRUCTION is available at

Fish De Jour Cover

Alex Galper
Edited by Igor Satanovsky
(In Russian and English)
Koja Press
ISBN: 0-9707224-4-3
[Work Description]

This first collection of poetry from the emerging Russian New York poet Alex Galper is a seriously funny and poignant exploration of the paradoxes of the Russian-American bohemian mentality. Not for the politically correct. Includes English translations of all poems (by Magazinnik and Igor Satanovsky).

FISH DE JOUR is available at
Koja Press

Blankety Blank Cover

A Memoir of Vulgaria
D. Harlan Wilson
Raw Dog Screaming Press
[Work Description]

Rutger Van Trout has worse problems than his mundane existence in the all-consuming, all-suppressing Vulgaria of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It's not that his son might be turning into a werewolf, or that his daughter might be a nymphomaniac. The problem does not lie in his obsession with transforming his middle-class estate into a three-ring barnyard. He doesn't even mind his wife's (possibly) haunted skeleton or the freak-of-the-week superheroes and window-jumpers populating his neighborhood. The complication has invaded his community in the form of a new breed of serial killer named Mr. Blankety Blank, who stalks from house to house throughout the Vulgaria leaving a bloodbath that would make Jack the Ripper himself blush...

BLANKETY BLANK: A Memoir of Vulgaria is available at, Barnes & Noble, Raw Dog Screaming Press

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